What does "I really didn't like the vibes" mean? What are vibes when hooking up?

I asked a question a few days ago about this guy I recently hooked up with. I kept thinking he didn't wanna hook up again because I didn't suck his dick as long as he ate me out or because I didn't have as much enthusiasm so I just decided to ask him straight and he said no its not that "I really didn't like the vibes." I know he wasn't lying because beforehand he was down to hook up again multiple times (kind of like a friends with benefits short/long term thing) but said that. I don't know what does that mean? I wanted to ask but he blocked me.

So basically we met on bumble and I just wanted to get to it so we went to the spare bed upstairs and it was my first time ever doing anything so I felt a bit weird. basically I was like I wanna change in another room then was like nevermind and I said I wanted the bed moved because I thought maybe the neighbors could see. It was a bit weird but thats what I expected hooking up w a random boy on bumble but I didn't think he would want conversation. I was like aren't you going to take your clothes off. Honestly he was the one whos vibes were weird because he was like shit I'm already hard. Honestly I didn't even know what that meant until I saw his thingie all the way up even after he went down on me. Anyways I kind of just got into it was short with the questions he asked and was like ok can you go down on me first and he said yea and he just got me a pillow then we j did it. Continued...
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Afterwards I said I probably didn't want to again and dropped him off to his car at the school across my house but then I changed my mind afterwards and wanted to hook up again and assumed he would be down. He unblocked me and I asked twice and he said not really at first then yesterday said I don't wanna. And I KEPT thinking it was because I didn't suck his dick that long even though I actually think I did he told me repeatedly it wasn't that or maybe because I didn't show verbal enthusiasm lik
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it j means i give horrible head (bc it was my first time) LMAOOOOO
What does "I really didn't like the vibes" mean? What are vibes when hooking up?
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