Are we just friends with benefits or does he like me more?

So I had a friends with benefits in highschool that I gave my virginity to. this was for freshman junior and partially sophomore but we haven’t talked for about three years. He pops up again because I sent a mass post on snap and after that we talked every day. Told each other almost everything. He complimented me a lot but didn’t exactly push the sex talk just appreciated what I had. We talked about kids, and our future etc. My birthday comes around and he asks if I can come over to hang out which I had to decline because I had a party so I invited him. (Just family because of covid but I made an exception for him because I thought he was gonna say no) he said yes. He was chill even walked my biological mother to the bus stop. Then we went to his place to watch movies and he didn’t cuddle me which I expected him to. The next morning though we slowly started moving towards eachother and I think he tried holding my hand. Finally I moved to get up and he pulled me back on the bed to cuddle and his heart was pounding in his chest. We kissed but then he asked if I wanted to fool around and I declined which he was fine with it seemed. Next day I invited him over we had sex he was just looking at me at times but was a bit more cold. I was as well because I didn’t know what supposed to happen next. We still cuddled but the mood was different but he still confided in me about things he didn’t tell anyone else... his text are more sparse now. He still messages me once a day but it’s very different now. I don’t get what happened or what’s happening.
Are we just friends with benefits or does he like me more?
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