He won’t take no for an answer?

I have this guy who I’ve been seeing for acouple of months, come to find out that he isn’t really my type now that I’ve seen the real him. I’ve asked nicely to him that I think we don’t go together and that we should just maybe move on. But he doesn’t take anything I say seriously? He’ll message back that he will come and pick me up so we can talk, tell me that we are great together or he’ll just say ‘you know you want me like I want you’. If I say no to any of these he won’t take the no for an answer. I told him once that he never takes no for an answer and he replied back ‘never’. Also he’s 40 years old, if that helps with anything. I kinda thought being a lot older that he would be more respectful. The last messages we had were about 30 minutes ago and this is how it went.
him: I really want to see you
me: I’m sorry but not anymore
him: you know you want to
me: no I don’t, we aren’t seeing each other anymore
him: do you want to come and see me?
me: no
him: why?
me: seriously?
him: stop mucking me around
me: I’m not
him: ok your loss, but I’m still going to make this happen between us
him: yes, have a good sleep.
is he controlling, manipulative or using me? I’m seriously stuck. I’ve never met anyone who wouldn’t take no for an answer. What do u guys think?
He won’t take no for an answer?
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