Guys, At what point do you get the "girlfriend" title?

So I met this guy about 6 weeks ago. We hit it off from the start and have been seeing each other casually since then. Time flies when we are together, he always says so, and it's all going very well. He texts me pretty much every day too.

Now, he said from the start that he doesn't want anything committed because he has plans to travel when the pandemic is over/restrictions are eased considerably. He admits that could be upto another year off yet. He gets fed up that he can't travel as he wants to but says that I make him happier and cheer him up.

I understand that he will be heading off at some point and I understand those feelings because I used to have itchy feet too. However, if we continue to hang out and sleep together I am wondering if I am at least his girlfriend until he goes away. It's getting to the stage where I would feel wrong going on a date with another guy or sleeping with another guy. When he's going to meet up with me he will tell his dad (who he lives with) that he is meeting "a friend". Likewise, if we have bumped into anyone that he knows then he introduces me as his friend.
He's added me to his Facebook and we hang out in our local area so it's not like it's all secret.

This guy has never had a real relationship (he's just turned 30) because he's always been a free spirit. Is it just that he doesn't know exactly what to do?
I know it's casual but if I'm still seeing him in another few weeks then is that when he should be calling me his girlfriend? I am already starting to feel in a bit of a limbo as if I'm not sure what this is.

So, guys! How long do you date someone before you start calling them your girlfriend? What's the general timescale?
Guys, At what point do you get the "girlfriend" title?
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