Guys, why is he talking to me again?

Guys, I'm very new to this topic hahaha so bear with me
I met this guy on Tinder, we started talking and I'm not a great texter (I always reply late because I'm busy most of the time) so to show that I'm actually interested I proposed to meet in person. We live 1 hour away by car. We have seen each other 3 times in person, he has seemed pretty interested. All the times we've met, we have gone to a park or went walking in the city and talked for hours. After that we have talked a couple of times, and since I've been traveling we couldn't meet... But I've noticed that since the time we last met the conversations were fading away until we stopped talking. Honestly, I figured that he might have lost interest or he was going through something so I let it go.. I think we haven't talked for a month or something so I thought that I can't force anything, so I just stopped thinking about the matter and focused on my studies. And not long ago he messaged me, I, of course, answered and asked about how everything went.. the conversation started to kick off and all off the sudden he stopped answering again

I know it's not a big deal, some things are just not meant to be.. However, from the point of you guys, why would he message me again if he weren't that interested?

PS: I have a heart as any human, so yes, I was a bit sad because he was my first kiss, we kissed on the second time we met.. if I were a bad kisser or something like that he wouldn't have kept talking to me and meeting me, right? I told him beforehand too, and he said it was okay (I know it's weird, I have been focused on my studies for a long time). But I don't know, c'est la vie.
Guys, why is he talking to me again?
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