Does he still like me?

I could just be going through something but I’ve been feeling alone. I don’t really have any friends. It’s really hard to make friends in college. My roommate and I are really close and I’ve made two other friends since freshman year but they were flaky. and I’m in quarantine.

I dated a guy last year and he was my first boyfriend and we only dated for a couple of months. I kind of have attachment issues but I’ve liked a lot of guys before and have gotten over all of them. My first boyfriend was amazing. After we broke up he told me he wanted friends with benefits with no strings attached. This kind of hurt me especially because I am a virgin.

I would always text him first but he always engaged with me. Right after the breakup I told him I missed him and he said it back but that we just couldn’t be together because of distance. We recently caught up and we talked for a while. I even thought I was talking too much and he told me I fw it and I feel there was a little flirting. It never once went to sex. We stopped talking because I would bring up other guys. It wasn’t intentional but I would tell him everything. I still don’t know if that’s the exact reason but he just ignored me one day and everyone said that was why.

I just always miss him. It hurts because I’m always the initiator and he’s ignored me and I feel so strongly about him. Every time I start to move on, I start to like him again. He still views my Snapchat’s. Could that mean he’s still interested
Does he still like me?
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