How can I be sexual with this man? Should i?


I like him and I met him oniline.
I live with creepy old guys but its low rent.
They are are scary and creepy old guys who seem perverted. You can hear everything. And he even knows my whole name on accident.

2 weeks ago he said Im not being sexual enough, llike at all. I feel uncomofrtable being so here.

What can I do. I told him this but he thinks i dont feel strongly about him. He also got upset i didn't send nudes.

We flirted about moving in together... but now he hasn't responded as frequently. I want to be sexual too but I am likeangrya t h8m for not making us official and also he said he didn't like me anymore... but well did something sexual about mewhen we argued on the phhone for like hours. i get so upset when he doesn't text me i know im wrong because i ghosted him for 3 months... but when he doesn't respondimmedistely i lose mymind.
How can I be sexual with this man? Should i?
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