Leave him on read?

So I’ve been talking to this guy for over a month. We went on an amazing first date and then we went away for work for 3 weeks. Over that time we didn’t talk a lot and I felt like I was constantly initiating the conversation. When he got back, we went on a second date that weekend. I thought it went really well but he only kissed me once (less than first date). His brother’s birthday was this weekend so I knew he was busy but he led me to believe he would be free on Sunday. I never heard from him on Sunday and still haven’t. On Saturday, the conversation died and I “left him on read.” He posted on his snapchat last night that he was watching the movie we had talked about watching together on multiple occasions. I’m not sure I should just leave it as he’s not interested or reach out one more time. I’m tired of feeling like I’m putting all the effort in, should I take this as a sign? Or guys, would you not text a girl who didn’t reply? Deep down I think I know the truth but I’d like some other takes on things 😂
Leave him on read?
1 y
Update for everyone: thanks for all of your input! I asked him what’s going on and he said he’s got a lot going on with work and has been adjusting to his new work schedule (second shift). He asked to hang out next week and apologized for being off the radar. I’m not investing any emotions into this and we’ll see if he is true to his word.
Leave him on read?
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