He hasn't responded yet, what should I do?

Hey... I've had a really bad week. First we got in an argument because I wouldn't send himnudes and we are long distance.
And he had a bad day at work and then I had a bad day because I was upset that he didn't respond quickly i ghosted him for 3 mnths 5 months ago.(so... i know i had done the wrong thing there and I don't know if i can get upset about him not responding)
So I don't know :/ he checked my message immediately, 2 days ago but i deleted it because I sent it on accident. And theni actually sent some heartfelt things and then he didn't check back... its been days:/
I don't know what to do we have said we are done a lot aleady. :/ like both of us a lot.
He hasn't responded yet, what should I do?
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