Should I apologize for what I said to him?

I became friends with benefits with a guy at work since we got along so well. We kept our friendship at work and started texting when we started having sex. We have been sleeping around for about 8 months here and there. We mostly do it when I message him that I’m free and if he’s free, he invites me over.
Over the last couple of weeks we haven’t had any communication over text and I haven’t seen him since I started working at different company. He recently reached out to me by sending me a meme and I replied with an laughing emoji. There really wasn’t a conversation since he only shared a meme. He later messages me again saying that I don’t text him anymore and I usually just ignore him now. After that text we went back and forth that I wasn’t ignoring and he thought I was. I later replied saying that we usually didn’t talk as much since we only hooked up when we could and that was the type of relationship we had. Then he stated that he was only joking for me not to take what he was saying seriously, but by the time he said that I was annoyed with everything he had been saying. I flat out told him if he thought I was ignoring him the best was to delete my number and not message me again, which he responded with an okay and that was the end of our argument.
I later discovered that he deleted me from social media. At the end, I didn’t mean what I had said, but he had annoyed me complaining about something so childish. Now I have the impression that he might have caught feelings and maybe that’s why he was complaining. I don’t know if I’m assuming right or not. Should I apologize for what I said or leave things the way they end?
Should I apologize for what I said to him?
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