Did he like me?

So I had a guy friend who was kind of flirty with some other girls but not on the level he is with me. Let’s just say he’s friendly. I know I’m different because he always used to like scaring me just to see my reaction and would call my name by doing it. Every time I would walk near him he would just say my name for no reason lol and I would say his name back. Once early in senior year I asked him to sit next to me because I forgot my laptop and he did it. it was dark and he was really close and he kept whispering to me how he felt uncomfortable ( he doesn’t like to be touched ) and I wasn’t even touching him. He would touch me all the time lol while teasing me soo? When I straightened my hair , he noticed and commented. We all went to cook out and a random guy said hi to me and my guy friend asked me if I was good afterwards. Once he called me out and was like “isn’t that right “ and said my name and I said I didn’t say that and he said he would never put me in an embarrassing situation. Then another time he moved seats in class and sat in front of me and he called my little sister his little sister. We graduated and lost contact. He was going to go to my college but went to another one for basketball. I wanna say he’s like the one that got away and I hope we’ll cross paths again. I liked him so much in high school and we had a lot of moments. There were a lot of quiet awkward moments between us. He was really artsy and tall and honestly perfect. I started thinking about him because I dreamed of him last night. Did he like me?
Did he like me?
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