Is he being nice/friendly or does he like me?

-we spend 6 to 7 hours together when we hang out
-sometimes I'll tell him he can go home if he's tired or he can drop me off if it's been too long of a day and he'll say "no, it's ok"
-there was this one situation where he wanted to hang out with our mutual friend (girl) instead of me this one day, but then he quickly texted me to hang as well then later showed up to my place to apologize (cuz I was ignoring him)
-initiates touching but will stop it few min later (it's like he realizes he's flirting then stops? I don't know)
-doesn't smile with me when he talks to me but i've seen him smile with the mutual friend
-I feel like he respects me more bc he responds to every text of mine and quickly (he doesn't with the mutual friend)
-let's me play his video games even though I have no idea what i'm doing. I even lowered his rank loll
-once I tried to make an excuse to not meet up and he was adamant about meeting (we spent 7hrs together that day... this was recently)

the main thing that confuses me is him not smiling and the situation where he wanted to hang with someone else. but other than that, do the signs point to him liking me?
Is he being nice/friendly or does he like me?
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