Do guys leave girls they like on read?

I have been recently talking to a guy and we are getting along pretty well, he has even asked me to hang out several times and has made an effort to keep the conversation going. I usually am very nice to him but I do pull away sometimes because I'm busy and because I don't wanna seem clingy, especially because we are just casually seeing each other for now. The thing is, we were talking today about how he had gotten an injury at the gym and I responded with an audio joking about how I had had to look up the muscle he had injured up on google because I didn't even know it existed and told him to go get it checked out, and he left me on read. I know I'm probably just overthinking it, but I just don't understand why he would do that, usually, I only leave people on read when I want to send a message, and when that's not the case, I usually don't open the message until I know I am ready and able to respond, even if I got the notification.
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Do guys leave girls they like on read?
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