Why didn't he message me at all?

So I met this guy on tinder a week ago (don't judge) and we talked hella a lot, we have a lot in common and he's genuinely nice. We agreed to meet and when we met we hugged then we went to Starbucks and I paid for drinks and he said how he was amazed how I wanna share or how I paid without hesitation. We talked and shared things then he told me a story about his gay friend how he grabbed his leg once and then he grabbed my leg and touched it to show me how his friend did it (which he didn't have to do). After that we were walking and playfully pushing each other off we went to eat, then played a game and he won. It was really fun but nothing special happened. When we said goodbye we hugged again and it seemed to me he hugged me tighter. When I came home he invited me to play a game we usually play, we played. The next day I sent him tons of memes (which I usually do) he didn't react to them he reacted only to the last one then told me he can't go Friday and his excuse woke doubts in me. After that we didn't talk at all.
I wonder why didn't he message me I mean it's been one day only but even if he's busy he could send anything even if its a meme. So why hasn't he talked to me at all? Any idea?
Why didn't he message me at all?
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