Why was he uncomfortable?

I was in class and I have this guy friend who teases me and he always tries to scare me and stuff like that. I forgot my laptop one day in class, and I asked him to sit next to me and share and he did. The teacher turned the lights off and I sat really close to him so I could see and he kept saying he was uncomfortable and got really stiff and barely moved. Normally during class he gets up and walks around but he didn’t and stayed put the whole time. It was weird how he kept said it. I have good discernment and I think he was uncomfortable in a good way as in he liked what was happening but I’m not sure. Also once he did the same thing to me and got really close and was teasing me and I told him he was making me uncomfortable and he was like “how am I making you uncomfortable?” So I don’t know lol he teases other girls too but not like he teases me and whenever he scares me, he says my name all the time! Why can he joke with me but seemed uncomfortable when we were close?
Why was he uncomfortable?
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