Should I message him and tell him how I feel?

I’ve been talking to a guy who I’ve known since last year. We were talking last year but things didn’t work out and he hit me up again about a month or 2 ago to make things work so I accepted it. We started spending more time together, going on dates and yes we’ve had sex. The other night I went to his house but I didn’t feel like having sex or kissing etc. I just wanted us to chill and talk and watch movies etc. But he got annoyed with me because I didn’t let us kiss, cuddle etc. I felt bad and explained why (it was because I felt like he was overly clingy and too affectionate and I just wanted us to chill without it always turning into something sexual) and he said he understood and when he likes someone, he’s really affectionate. The next day when I was home thing he starts bringing it up again and making a big deal out of it and was being rude to me. I told him if he’s going to continue being rude he should just leave and next thing you know he deletes me from snapchat and instagram. I feel really bad and want to apologise for my part but I don’t know. What do you guys think I should do? I really do care about him.
Should I message him and tell him how I feel?
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