Can you be friends with someone who you rejected?

Back in the summer I starting hanging out more with my one guy friend. Me and him were never close before because he's a pretty shy guy. But he started talking to me more and we got to be pretty good friends. But in August I found out he had a crush on me, I didn't like him back but I thought we could keep being friends, so I just tried to forget about it, but he was being kinda creepy about his crush. And I got really uncomfortable hanging out with him. I told I wanted space and we didn't talk for a month and a half. The the other day we were talking he started trying to convince me to date him. I told him no but he kept on and asked me to be his girlfriend. He started getting really mad at me because I told him I didn't feel that way. I told him I can't a close friend and that I just want some more space. He says he only wants friendship now, but I don't believe him
Can you be friends with someone who you rejected?
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