My boyfriend doesn’t believe me what should I do?

So today I got in an argument with my boyfriend bc he told me that his friend told him I follow a muscular guy on my business page.

I have a business page on Instagram and so I add people that like or follow similar hashtags that relate to my business niche.
important side note I’m pregnant of my boyfriend.
Si one of his friends told him that I was following guys that were muscular and looked fit. That why am I following guys that have that if they don’t relate to my page.
I follow people based on likes on posts from similar businesses or follow hashtags like I said earlier. My boyfriend doesn’t understand this is done to gain more brand recognition and followers in instagram.
so he thinks I follow guys that look muscular and thinks that i don’t like the type of guy my boyfriend is. which is fucking stupid. It’s stupid bc I love him a lot and I never thought of cheating or doing things with another guy.
It’s hurts me and gets me so angry bc I am having a baby from him and also I did something cute this week I made a spookybasket for him filled with comfy clothing and some shoes he wanted. I also gave him some of my products that he likes from my business.
i don’t like to argue I only say my point once and don’t like repeating myself at all. I don’t want to keep explaining to him what I said from the beginning bc it’s clear what I said and that’s that.
what should I do?
My boyfriend doesn’t believe me what should I do?
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