Why is he doing this?

I was talking to a much older guy who knew that i liked him. But i didn't want to date him due to the huge age difference (22 years). So now every time he texts me, he always starts off with "hey baby". The day before birthday, he said he would meet up and text me on the day of my bday. But then when my b day came, he didn't show up. He did text me "happy birthday baby!, Enjoy your day! Call shortly!" with kisses. But then he didn't call.

I'm just confused as to what he's trying to do. I DON'T WANT TO DATE HIM. Let me be straight up and clear to y'all cuz i know you will be making a huge fuss about it.

But why the hell is he just doing all of this? calling me baby every time we text and sending kisses? I'd rather him just treat me as a friend. Is he just trying to tease me for attention
Why is he doing this?
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