Is this an insult or a compliment?

The other day while sitting at home, joking, playing cards and games and watching movies with my boyfriend I mentioned to him that if it wasn’t for the pandemic and clubs were back open or still open in our state/city, that going to the club would be something for us to to do and he just looks at me laughs and says “Nah. You’re more of the wine and dine. Sit in the house or go somewhere much more laid back kind of girl. The club isn’t for you.” I didn’t know if he just said that because he feels I won’t look right on his arms, next to him in such a public setting or if that’s his way of saying I’m boring. I’m not into the club scene but I have went not many times but a few times just to do something and get out of the house.
Is this an insult or a compliment?
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