Does he like me or just being friendly?

This guy is very outgoing and friendly and I've known him for years. I've never been in a relationship or been confessed to so I'm really confused about this. He was my classmate and we share a common thing which we both love. It's been more than a year (I think) since he started doing this. He always initiate conversations with me, usually to share things that he like or just to tell me stories. He often message me also to ask about things that I was so sure he can ask his friends. He also help me when I'm unfamiliar in using something (he often come to me too, to ask sometimes). He often mention me in social media whenever he sees something that he knew I like or I'm interested at. He randomly sends me funny videos too (usually at unexpected times, yeah, like 3am in the morning). There was also a time when he tagged me in a rather kinda confusing picture. I was so confused after it (bc I'm an overthinker :]) but just shrugged it off. The next time, after sending me a fun video he suddenly sent me a video of a dance and with an upbeat song in the bg (I wanna shrugged it off again but my overthinking ass search for the lyrics & boom), both were a little sexy lool. I don't want to assume things just because I've been liking him for months now.
Does he like me or just being friendly?
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