What would you do If you were me?

So, I have a crush on someone who works in the same company as I but different departments.
I always had my eyes on him but only as a crush thing but after I had a business talk with him I literally fell for him (he's 100% my type )
I noticed him staring at me multiple times but not sure if it's just in my head.
I added him on FB but we never talked I commented on his new photo he replied and that's all.

Now I don't know how should I initiate a conversation with him without making it obvious that I'm into him at least til I know if he's single or not.

Please tell me what's the right thing to do as I've never experienced this before.
1 y
PS 1: please note that we are from a small conservative town in Japan and it's not quite often where a girl confesses suddenly to a guy.
What would you do If you were me?
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