Are these signs that a guy is interested in me at work?

I started to learn cashier and get used to my job. There were some more signs that my coworker has interest in me such as always looking at me doing cashier even when he could be doing other things. He jokes with me because one time I told him I can make stars out of paper and he was like “no u can’t” and then I was like “yess I can!” and he said “then prove it” and then he was watching me make a star out of paper for like 4 minutes lmaoo and my hands were shaking. After I made it he stuck it on the pos machine with tape. He also tried to put a sticker thingy on my arm and then I did it back to him lmao. Also my coworkers were sketching on eachother’s masks and I was saying how I looked weird with it and he went “no u look fine” like what does that even mean. Sometimes he gives compliments saying how I made the uniform look stylish by folding the collar and other times teases. Like today he looked at my hair in a bun and said “it looks like balls”. But then it’s weird bc he was laughing after finding out that a customer thought I asked for their phone number bc I was interested in them when I was asking for it for the order. These are just little things but he is def not giving the green light, let alone these things can just be friendly gestures rather than romantic interest so I guess u can say I have a crush on him more than he does🙃
Are these signs that a guy is interested in me at work?
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