Guys, did I do something to scare this man off?

Please don't judge during this question because it's hard to explain the following scenario without people getting the wrong idea.

He isn't the cutest guy, as he is in his 40s, losing his hair, and isn't exactly fit--but he's modest, sweet, and can fix everything, so I'm very attracted. I'm in my late 20s and I flirt with him when we bump into each other and he very conservatively flirts back.

The other day, I asked if I could pay him to assemble a piece of cabinetry for me. He agreed immediately and promptly offered to come "tomorrow morning!"

I was not free that week so I told him I could let him know a better time. He didn't offer his number or ask for mine.

A week later, I saw him on site and asked if he could do Wednesday, yet he said he wasn't sure, but offered Tuesday instead. I said "How about you take my number and let me know about Wednesday?" and he took it down and said he would update me. He also casually mentioned his wife when we were conversing and my heart dropped but I didn't show it.

I'm not looking to advance anything knowing that he is married but am wondering if I repelled him or something because--No call. Nothing. No word of the cabinets and it's been a week. He was so willing to do it but when it came to calling me--nothing.

Did I do something to repel him or scare him off? What could be going through his mind?
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Forgot to mention he is the handyman for my building
Guys, did I do something to scare this man off?
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