Does this mean he wants to go on a date or no?

long story short, I canceled our first date for personal reasons. I low key have been trying to reschedule a new date and I felt like I had to chased him a little as it felt like he didn't seem to think I wanna see him when he brought it up again. Initially we were talking more causal, but I told him I actually want to see if we will have potential and if he's down.. he said he is willingly to find out because he is looking for a relationship than dating multiple girls. But if it doesn't work out, he basically told me he is still open for casual. I told him he's handsome, but I don't move that fast, how he should take me out on a Saturdate. He joked saying do I only move fast with ugly guys LOLLLL! Then, he said he think he can manage that though with a kissy face. I'm lost... is our date on? What should I even say? Or do I just not say anything about the date anymore?
Does this mean he wants to go on a date or no?
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