Has he lost interest in me or?

Hey, so I've been seeing this guy for about 1-1,5 months, and we just had sex for the first time a few days ago. normally we dont text that much, but we hang out like every 2-3 days, and we have a really good time every time. so its like kinda normal for us to not text that much, u know? after we slept together we still like sent eachother random snaps and had short conversations as usual, BUT last night he asked if i could hang out and i said no cause i had some school work to finish, and he just answered "okay" and didn't send me one single snap the whole night. so i sent him one last night before bed and he just opened it, and this morning i sent another one, which he responded to (black screen with a filter saying 'Tuesday'), and then i sent one back of me doing homework in the mirror, which he just opened again, without responding! I don't know if im overanalyzing, but we haven't hung out since we had sex, even though he wanted to hang out last night. I don't know i just feel like its kinda odd he doesn't respond to my snaps. he usually NEVER leaves me on opened.
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well i was right. talked to him on the phone randomly today, and then he jokingly said he got whatever he wanted anyways from me, and when i was like "what did u just say" he was like im joking bla bla. then later i texted him asking if he meant was he said, and he said yes. i then said i dont think we should talk anymore, and he said i agrree. WTH? im crying
Has he lost interest in me or?
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