My boss is confusing me?

Hello, So there is my boss, who is the owner of a huge Holding and who keeps giving away some signs that he likes me but i am not sure. First in my interview with him, which doesn't happen often that he interviews people because it's human resources who do that, he asked me do you have a boyfriend? I said yes because at that time I was in a relationship, then he kept on asking how did you meet with him and what is he doing. I thought he was just trying to make a conversation and he later approved of me. I started working at the company and he came once for a visit, which again everyone started that they see him once in 6 months before I was recruited, he came directly and greeted me and everyone was shocked, in my birthday he called me in the morning and wished me a happy birthday, the man has more than 12000 people under his responsibility and I am sure he is not wishing a lot them a Happy birthday. We had a workshop and he also came to sit in the same table i was sitting in where there were only men from the company and directly started talking to me but when I speak he tried not to look in my eyes which confuses me. I am a simple sales person and don't have a higher position to be that close to him and also the only foreigner in our branch. I don't know if he is just being nice because I am alone here or is it that he likes me? What do you think guys? He is in his mid-thirties and i am 27 years old. Thank you
My boss is confusing me?
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