Should I believe him or is this a cop out?

I started talking to this guy early last month. We really hit it off and although it’s long distance we’ve been seeing each other every weekend. He wanted to meet my dad so I took him to have dinner together. He has let “I love you” slip a few times but in a way that I couldn’t really tell how serious it was. He has bragged about me to his family and friends. I am the type of girl who really just puts it all out there and I am vulnerable pretty quickly. I see myself as sweet, quiet, etc., whereas he is more extroverted. I’ve felt so comfortable with him over the past few weeks, and he’s made me feel appreciated in a way that no other guy ever has. Sunday when I got home from spending the weekend with him he told me he thinks about me so much, and tries not to. He told me he likes me more than life. I told him I understand and that I’m getting more attached to him. Then he told me attached is a scary word. I told him I didn’t mean for it to be scary, just that my feelings are getting deeper. Yesterday during the daytime he seemed kind of distant so I asked if I was bothering him, he said he was just busy. I said we should talk later so he called me after work. He explained how earlier he was feeling like he’s beginning to get emotionally attached and that it scares him/gives him anxiety. Said he was still kind of bothered about things that happened in his previous relationship (which were abusive towards him), but said he knew it wouldn’t be like that with me. Later that night he said that this weekend we should go up to his family’s camp and hang out with them. I told him I loved that idea. He then called me last night before bed. He texted me good morning today, but has been distant. I sent him a message talking about what he said yesterday, explaining that I’m not going anywhere as long as he wants me around. I told him I don’t want to stress him or hurt him, just want to love him and make him happy. What are your thoughts? Is it okay if I call him later today?
Should I believe him or is this a cop out?
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