Confused why guy I like makes me feel weird and uncomfortable yet comes off respectful?

i like this guy who seems to like me too or maybe just wants to bang me. He makes a lot of weird comments to me about wanting threesomes with me and other girls and I've told him many times I'm not interested and that if I did have sex with him I want to be in a relationship with him. He seems respectful of my boundary of nothing sexual. We just make out when I see him. But he asks me sexual questions and makes sexual comments to me that make me feel uncomfortable and I don't know how to respond to them. He also asks me to spend the night at his place in his bed. Which I did about 5 times. Every time I did, it was the same routine. He would ask me to get naked, and I sleep naked anyways so I don't mind and he just caresses me without getting sexual. He doesn't pressure me. Then in the morning, and I mean first thing in the morning, he tells me how busy he is about to be and that he has plans and basically kicks me out in a nice way. We have never even had breakfast together because it really is the very first thing he says after we get out of bed each time. I'm confused why he asks me to spend the night if he knows he won't get sex from me then wants me to leave when morning comes. The whole thing is just weird and it makes me feel used and gross when I leave even though we didn't have sex or do anything sexual. I told him I don't want to spend the night anymore and that I find it weird we don't do anything the next day. He still asks me to hang out after I told him I'm not into him anymore. I'm super confused why he still bothers talking to me after I said I don't want to date him anymore. I can't figure out what his intentions are or why he does and says what he does. What does this mean? Is he respectful and nice? Or just an asshole? I can't tell but it doesn't make me feel very good.
Confused why guy I like makes me feel weird and uncomfortable yet comes off respectful?
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