Guys, What goes on in his mind right now? Is he going to text me back?

2 1/2 weeks ago I’ve told a guy I’m texting with since several years, I can’t do this any longer and to better become „superficial friends“ (ones that maybe go out in a group of many like 1-2 times in a year).

Before, he was texting me sexual stuff, he seemed to have feelings for me too (was asking me about my thoughts on men, my physical preferences in a man and qualities he needs to have, my thoughts about marriage and the guy I want to find, how many kids I want and when I want to get married & have kids).
And often he told me his dirty sex fantasies with me, asked for nudes and said we’d be totally sexually compatible. He always said we would meet and do this and that in the future, but it never happened, then Corona happened.
One day he asked me „Would you leave your boyfriend, if I told you one day I’d left my girlfriend?“ ( I was in a toxic relationship before, and got cheated on too, etc)

What does he want from me and why does he text me? Is he angry now that I’ve told him to better become „friends“ and will he text back? I didn’t want to say this to him, but I don’t want to treat his girlfriend that bad any longer and it also seems to lead nowhere with him, so why do this shit to her any longer.

I didn’t want to act this way, but I’m in love with him 2 years longer than he’s in a relationship with her, until today. He wanted to date me back then, but I was too shy to meet him, because he’s so handsome and I thought I wouldn’t be good enough/pretty enough for him/wouldn’t be „his type“.
Guys, What goes on in his mind right now? Is he going to text me back?
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