Does My Ex Still Like Me?

Long story short: I've known my ex since I was 7, and we started dating at 18. We lasted for a few months and then we had a messy break up - totally my fault. Ended on bad terms and then I dated his friend...

We talked again when I was 20 but it lasted for a week. I apologised to him and he tried to give us another chance - I was completely oblivious he was still interested so I told him I was seeing someone.

We're 22 now lol. I followed him on social media a few weeks ago because I miss him sometimes - we basically grew up together. I feel bad for everything. He sent me a post that referred to a childhood memory we had together 2 days ago. I tried to carry on the conversation to see how he's doing and he was very formal with me - talking about work, uni etc. And he ended the convo very formally telling me to have a 'good time' as I am on vacation right now.

Is he still interested? I got this impression when he sent me a post. Or is he just being friendly because we have a history?
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Guys I genuinely feel bad for what I did like I'm not a bad person. I was just a stupid teenager back then. Also, karma hit me badly because his friend ended up breaking up with me for another girl and marrying her a couple of months later. Done and dusted! :/ :D
Does My Ex Still Like Me?
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