Do you think he likes me from the information that I am giving you here? PLEASE HELP ME?

There is this guy at my school that is in 9th grade. Every single day, we pass each other in the hallway to go to our 7th period. Ever since the 1st or 2nd day of the school year, we have been ‘elbowing’ each other since this is during corona, obviously, and we are not allowed to high five each other. Please keep in mind that HE started this elbowing thing, and not me. We have been doing this EVERY SINGLE DAY since the start of the school year. A few times, however, before we elbowed each other, he gave me the ‘upwards‘ nod, and muttered to me, ‘wassup’. And, one other time, when we tried to elbow each other again, we missed and didn’t touch each other. We kept walking past each other, but he turned around and said to me, ‘hey you missed!’ The next day when we go by each other, before we try to elbow, he says ‘don’t miss’, and I’m like, ‘I won’t!’

The second scenario happened when I was doing my ‘recycling duty’ with my classmates, that my school does. (We go around to all the classrooms and take out their recycling bins) When my classmates and I get around to this particular guy’s homeroom, I volunteered to take out their bin since I know that this guy is in there. So, I go up to the door and knock. A few seconds later, this guy opens the door. I looked him in the eyes and I quietly said, ‘hi’.
He also looked me in the eyes, but he didn’t say anything. Just as I started to walk in the room, he turns around to go back to his seat. Literally 1 second later after he does this, I saw out of the corner of my eye that he turned his head around to glance at me again. I put in the new recycling bag into their bin. Just before I shut their door I looked at this guy again. He was sitting in his chair, facing away from me even though his chair was facing where the door is.

Do you know if this particular guy could possibly like me/have a crush on me based off of the info that I gave you here? Do you have any advice? I really need your opinions, anything helps!
Do you think he likes me from the information that I am giving you here? PLEASE HELP ME?
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