This guy is a little weird?

He stared into my eyes as I was walking past him looking so sad and anguish. I never saw him before looking at me that way. Days later I was out with friends and he was out with his friend. I was laughing a lot at something then I looked at them and they were both smiling widely. They both smirked at me once on different occasions, and smiled. Not too much, though. Also once I was walking by, and he was talking with the same guy, despite me wearing yoga pants and sunglasses he stared straight into my eyes with that eye sex look, I felt so intimidated. And he stares whenever he thinks I’m not looking. His friend grins widely when I show up and he’s there. But he doesn’t try to talk to me. What’s his deal, should I be scared? So many facial expressions: 😏, ☹️,😃 and 😈?
This guy is a little weird?
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