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"Men are superior to women, because men are physically stronger, bigger, taller, faster (women are weaker, smaller, shorter slower), men can pee while standing up (women need to sit down), men don't have periods (so they don't lose blood and become weak), men can't get pregnant (so they can't be weak and vulnerable for 9 months their entire lives), men are more logical (women are more emotional), men are more intelligent (most greatest scientists, creators and inventors are men), men are mentally stronger (can deal with harder things in life). We all live on the same planet. Life isn't easy for anyone, but men are better equipped to handle it because of the inherent characteristics of manhood. That's called superiority. You can call it whatever makes you feel better; unfair advantage, easier life, whatever... but what it really boils down to is that men are superior to women."
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Do you agree with this man?
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