Met this guy from dating app?

Weve never met in person but chatted on Snapchat for 2 months now, he is currently ghosting me lol, but I fell and liked him because he would say stuff like “I want to be yours” “I want to be here for you” “we would be amazing together” and so much more, I eventually fell for him and of course I kept my options opened, but he was the winner, I attempted to meet him 3 times but the 3rd did it for me because he knows I’m insecure and scared to meet him, I worked up the courage to ask him to meet, all he said was “not sure about tonight” like it’s the 3rd time, the last message was me saying “okay, that’s fine” then we haven’t talk since, I don’t understand if he’s not Interested then why doesn’t he just tell me? I’ve told him
I wanted to meet him and wanted to get to know him better in person. Also I msged him
Recently and I told him that If he’s not
Interested I’d understand, he hasn’t said anything about not being interested before right now he bascially ghost me, but we’re still friends on Snapchat, he hasn’t opened my message but he watches my stories... why
Doesn’t he just delete me then?
1 y
I don't know I really hate the feeling I’m feeling right now
Met this guy from dating app?
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