Advise on this guy's hypocritical behavior?

So, I've known him for 8 months now. Met him online. We'd hung out a few times. I barely paid him any mind until around July. Then I started to get nerves when texting him. Realized, "Oh! I'm starting to like him."
During those early months he'd call me whenever he got drunk or tipsy, telling me he liked me. I'd always just laugh and say sure when he asked if I liked him back. The last time he'd done this is in August. I was writing a very important paper late at night, he calls me plastered drunk for about 30 minutes, what he said "pouring his heart out to me." I was laughing mostly because I'd never heard him so wasted before. Same pattern laughs and sure for mutual liking.
I had sex with him for the first time in July not long before his wasted call.
Around late May, I'd say, he had begun using pet names. Typical ones baby, honey, and so on.
His parents know about me. Never officially met them. He lives with them. They've apparently asked him why I've never said hello. He said that questions are annoying. I had always hid in his room, too shy to go out when I heard them.
I have met a friend of his. Others know from my calling.
We got in a tiff in September, I thought he went out with another girl. He told me he didn't. The entire month we didn't speak. I told him give me a week and only talk to me if he wants to date ME! Messages me October, claims he thought I'd message him first. Had "makeup sex." Have yet to hang out since. His life moto seems to be "Bros before Hoes." Even told him so, said "You're not a hoe." Sees me on average once a month.
Still calls, texts. He comes off as a jerk through text half the time, while in person and on a call he's kind and sweet. I had told him recently I hate him half the time, he said he knows he's tough to handle. Anyways I text him today asking him out, offered to pay for it. His response, "Yeah whenever I have time :)" Basically for me he seems to pretend I'm his girlfriend but doesn't actually put in any effort.
Advise on this guy's hypocritical behavior?
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