Why does the same guy that has been staring at me for a year keep staring at me?

This guy has been staring at me for a year, and I honestly don't know why. Sometimes him and his friends run away from me and it's super confusing, because he sometimes shows off in front of me, like pushups or pull ups, and he usually shows off regardless (he's popular) but his friends usually look to see if looking at him showing off. I kinda like him but not, and I've also been kinda ignoring him and he's been trying to catch my eye and make eye contact but now, like for instance today, he saw me pass by his door and he looked up from his phone at me, however when I looked at him back in the eye, he looked away, and keep in mind, he's made eye contact with me for over a minute without looking away, smiled, I think because his eyes crinkled and he had a mask on, and then rubbed his hands together and then walked away. He acts different when he's with his friends, like rude and running away when I show up, (not since I've been ignoring him though, if anything, it's almost as if he tries to get my attention). Does he think I'm staring at him, but I still don't know why he'd act upon it in the first place. Girls and guys, what does this mean?
1 y
What does this mean now? So um, now he's ignoring me as well, but what's confusing is whenever I look his way, him and his friends are looking at me, and now he does not look at me much, but his two best friends look at me all the time and then they start whispering to him or start nudging him. He'll look at me from afar too, and sometimes walk where I am or walk near me and then walk away. He usually avoids looking at me as much as he used to and whenever he does, he VERY quickly looks away.
Why does the same guy that has been staring at me for a year keep staring at me?
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