Does he secretly like me or just wants sex?

This guy and I have been talking through texts for almost a full month now. We have slowly gotten sexual in conversation and we are finally going to meet up for the first time next week. He has told me before that he's worried about possibly hurting me because due to our age gap and work relations... he'd probably just want something light and casual; me seeming to want serious and romantic. Regardless... I told him I like him a lot, it's too soon to tell if I feel deeply serious about him and the only way to know anything is to actually meet him.

I'm just going to protect my heart and assume we are just friends with benefits. But... he texts me every day. Says good morning and good night. It's taken a month to finally meet up. I don't know what to think. I mean I know guys say what they mean. I just don't know why a guy who wants to be friends with benefits is so... nice. I thought he'd not talk to me so much. Let alone good morning and good night. He stopped talking about a girl he was dating too. Is he actually possibly looking at me as a romantic partner or is this what friends with benefits act like? He'd be my first. I don't want to confuse this as him... wanting more.
Does he secretly like me or just wants sex?
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