Will my boyfriend always be like this?

During the pandemic I began talking to this guy, he was out of school and playing video games all day. I thought it was a habit from having nothing else to do. When we went back to regular life he was attentive, and whenever we got together we was present. He’s notorious for procrastinating when he’s stressed, and sometimes it can drive me crazy because I have to do everything on time or my mind just shuts down. It’s a busy week before finals right now, and he has done nothing. We have 2 essays due (plus many other assignments and tests), and he hasn’t even started on them. Instead, he’s been playing a few of his games for hours on end. Recently, whenever he comes over to my house he forces me to sit on the couch beside him and watch him game the entire night. It’s noisy and I can’t get any of my homework done when he does this. He gamed for about 4 hours at my house last night. Is he addicted to video games? Will he always be this unmotivated and lazy? Is this a phase? I just need input.
Will my boyfriend always be like this?
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