Did I handle this situation okay?

A it friend of mine texted “I would like to
be physical with you.” Out of the blue. It really upset me bc it made me feel like he obviously saw me as a hoe or something. Bc why would he randomly ask me to have sex with him when he and I haven’t even seen one another in a long time and he hasn’t even asked me out on a date or anything. Also, a few week ago he asked if I was talking o somebody and I told him yes I was. So I felt that he was just really out line to even assume I would be okay with that kind of thing. It basically just made me feel like he saw me as a hoe. After I told him no and let him know how disrespected I felt he said he was sorry a few times. Then recently I said I would let it go but please don’t text me again and he said ok.
Did I handle this situation okay?
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