He ignores me when I talk about this other guy. Is he jealous?

Things have been a bit complicated between us over this last year. We were both starting to like each other but then something happened that meant we'd no longer see each other. He lied and told me he had a girlfriend because he didn't want to upset me with the truth that we both knew it wouldn't have worked out at that point. A year later and somehow we've ended up back in the same class. He was about to change classes but I spoke to him and told him I was coming back and he changed his mind. He called the other guy in the class 'aggressive' and I also thought that he didn't want me to like him. He was ill for the first lesson so I had to text him the work and he replied he asked if the other boy was there, so I said yes and that he was nice to me and not aggressive like he had said he was. He ignored me. He's a been a bit on and off with me ever since we went back so I assumed whatever feelings were there are now gone. However, whenever I bring up the other guy he either ignores that part of the text or ignores the text completely. In our last conversation, I said I was going to drop out of the class but something the other guy told me changed my mind. Again, this was ignored.
He ignores me when I talk about this other guy. Is he jealous?
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