Does this guy even care about me?

I have a “friend” and according to him we are close. Known him for 2 years. His family loves me and I spend the holidays with him. Last night, he wanted me and my teen son to come out and hang. We went to where there was a dj. It was fun but then he wanted to go to another area. So we went. He lost his card, so he asked to borrow 40 dollars. I gave him 30, even though I should have just said I’m broke. We’re all hanging out and he comes with me, and starts talking left and right with his female friends and dancing with them almost sexually with them.. I kept cock blocking him when he did but it’s pathetic really. He knows I love him and I’ve tried being friends but I can’t help but feel jealous. I don’t want to lose him but all I’m doing is hurting myself. His loser friend who is always taking advantage of him tells me go home! He tells me to go home and he knows I gave him the rest of my money! So he tells me he’s leaving with his friends and wants me to leave. I see him go up to his friends house and I call him and he lied and says he got arrested because of me. Then a few min later he texts me saying he’s going to the city which I think was a lie also but who knows. He has no money but now he can afford to go drinking in the city. He was highly intoxicated but I am really disgusted with his behavior. This isn’t the first time he ditched me for friends. If we were so close, he wouldn’t. That’s Bull, he is just a user. Ever since he started working out he is acting really arrogant and cocky like he’s gods gift.
Does this guy even care about me?
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