Help me anyone please?

so last year i dated this boy. i was 15 and he was 14. i was his first girlfriend and his first kiss. we were known as "eachothers" for 6 months even if we weren't dating. we dated 2 times in those 6 months but i broke up with him both times. i hurt him a lot he would self harm and skip school because of how upset he was over me. no matter what i did to him he would come back to me. he was pretty obsessed with me. If he got another girl if I told him I loved him he would dump her and come back to me straight away and admit he only dated them to get over me. he was so innocent and I feel so bad because I was such a bad first girlfriend to have. after 6 months of me being terrible he ended up ending things with me because he said he didn't want me to break up with him again. my friends were so shocked because of how much he seemed like he loved me. since then he has had girlfriends but he's a complete f*ck boy now. he treated me so amazing when we were together. he has dated 2 girls since me and has cheated on both. the girl he is with now he was been with for 7 months. he's cheated on her with so many girls but she won't break up with him. he tells her he will change but then cheats again. (it's been a year since we broke up) i talked to him about this once and he told me he isn't good at relationships and he loses feelings really quickly. did i do this to him and make him like this? I asked him if I did it to him and he said he didn't know. his new girlfriend said that he hasn't been the same since dating me. i agree i hurt him a lot. All I want to know is do u think I did this to him and why? And do u think I was his first love? I do think i was because of how much he seemed to love me and was completely obsessed with me. Always came back to me until he got scared of getting hurt. but his new girlfriend and him have had sex and have been dating for so long they r always together so I don't know if she is his first love but he cheats.. someone tell me how u feel?
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I know this makes me sound horrible but I need to say I was not bad while we were dating. We had an amazing relationship when we were talking. He told me missed me a week ago. We were eachothers first real thing and it was perfect and he said it was perfect with an amazing connecting we were like the same person. I'm really sorry if this makes me sound horrible :))
Help me anyone please?
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