Why do people pointlessly fart around their so?

I found this post on Reddit and she says it the way I can't.
Let's be real people... Farting is gross. I understand that it's perfectly natural and whatnot but I have come to realize that many people think ripping one in front of your SO and/or being farted in front of by your SO is the ultimate sign of true love. Why is this a thing? I get that the comfort level between two people has to be high to tolerate such rudeness but why not just leave the room to pass gas like you would with literally anybody else? It smells and is plain bad manners. Also I get that accidents happen and you should be to the point where it doesn't embarrass you after a while ( I'm weird do I doubt that'll happen for me but I know that's not the norm) but my whole life I can't think of a single time I've farted next to someone on purpose. Like even as a kid I mean it's funny on TV and stuff but the IRL smell is not 😂
Why do people pointlessly fart around their so?
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