Do you think he still has feelings for me/ cares?

Soo in the past i haven't been the greatest to guys and have lead them on without realizing it sometimes.. I've owned up to my mistakes and apologized. there's this one guy i was trying to make amends to and he seems really pissed off/insulting me. Saying i stood him up (which i didn't) . Told me he doesn't care and how my emotions and everything are all over the place/ called me bi polar a bitch etc. He was interested but he doesn't love me enough to work on my "bi polar"He was frustrated talking to me.

He asked me what i wanted and he said either friends or friends with benefits. I said well i dont want friends with benefits and he said thats not what im looking for. He asked me mutliple times what i wanted and i said to make amends and he said im not making amends with you.(thats where he wanted to know as well if i wanted friends or friends with benefits)
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Do you think he still has feelings for me/ cares?
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