What the heck is with this guy?

I have been taking to this guy for two months now. He says he is looking for a relationship, but what he does does not match up. We hung out one time for an hour and it turned out to be making out in his car which I was not ready for and told him I need to be in a relationship to take it to that level. We stopped texting for 5 months after that
We recently reconnected through Snapchat. He has been texting me for a week said he wanted a second chance and told me he is looking for a relationship. He texted me for a week and a half and he then stopped and I had to text him if I wanted to chat. I asked him about it and he told me he wants to hang out but doesn’t text me because He’s “ scared to text me because he feels he’s bothering me”. This on top of not asking me to hang out. Like ever. We still haven’t. He says he wants to hang out. He never asks to call me on the phone either
is this guy leading me on?
1 y
So he stopped texting me, again. he saw me at work two days later and texted me this: " i want you tho, and I am not going to let you go like I did last time" Then he say, " i am sorry I have been so confusing and annoying, but I know what I want" then he asked for another chance. I said yes. We texted for two days after that. He said on Thanksgiving break we would hang out on his college break. Two days later, he stopped texting me and hasn't since. its been over a week. Wtf? is it me?
What the heck is with this guy?
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