I think he hooked up with someone while we were on a break from each other?

Dated this guy, broke up but still kept in contact with the knowledge that we still wanted to date each other but fix some things.

He started to act suspicious like he was sleeping with someone. His behavior was just weird and when I asked him about it, he claimed he was depressed (this lasted for about a week to a week and a half). Which I don't believe. Yet he'd ask me if I slept with anyone and claim he only wanted me to himself and not sharing me. I invited him out to a haunted house thing, he claimed he was going to get some sleep and then let me know later that night but it was a good chance he was going.

Then around 8 that night, he text me telling me to go on without him. I asked who he was hanging with after I told him, no one was going after all and that I was going out to eat (he asked if I was going on a date). He tried to not answer then claimed he just woke up and his cousin came over. So I just ignored him.

Why if he was possibly sleeping with someone during that break?

Why lie about it? Then when I started talking to someone else and my behavior almost mimicked his, he was worried and said he didn't want secrets between us.
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Funny thing is, I'm behaving the same way he was at the time during that break. I can tell he's worried but he gets what he deserves and I will drag this along just because he more than likely lied about hooking up with someone. He could have just been honest.
I think he hooked up with someone while we were on a break from each other?
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