Are these mixed messages or is he truly just trying to be my friend?

I met this person a few months ago who I immediately had a ton of sexual chemistry with. We talked all day and sometimes all night, video calls, sexy snaps, it was so hot. Then when I started to fall for him, we talked about our feelings and decided to just being friends. He told me that he liked me, but we wanted different things.. I was too serious for him I guess. So I agreed to just being friends and decided to move past it. Fast forward a couple of months. He’s been hitting me up every day. Cute messages, funny memes, sending me things that remind him of “us”. He’s called me a few times in the morning just to say good morning, and at night just to chill on the phone together. He sends me long messages about how much he loves our friendship. When I don’t respond or if I give a short answer, he’ll start pressing more about how my day is, or send me something on a different platform to try and get my attention. He KNOWS that I have feelings for him. I told him multiple times. But he’s made it very clear that I’m just his friend. Right now, I feel like we’re really close, we know so much about each other, and consider each other really good friends. I’m just confused at this point does he like me or not? I feel like I’m being strung along.
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I don’t think I was very clear on my first post - he has been contacting me and sending me all those cute/funny messages every day SINCE we decided to be just friends. So this has been going on for months.
Are these mixed messages or is he truly just trying to be my friend?
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