Was I led on by him or Am I being unfair?

For the past 4 years I’ve been talking to a guy friend (from highschool) on a DAILY basis, he traveled to study but recently graduated and is now home. We’ve gotten closer over the years even though he is emotionally constipated. He has shown a lot of improvement especially this year, we talk on the phone everyday and its always over an hour on the phone. He told me multiple times that I’m the only person he is putting effort for in our conversations (he is very cold with everyone else including when he texts with my close friends). Our friends think we were together cus of how much we communicate and how different he is with me. I like him a lot and thought he did too just because we have joked about marriage and some other personal stuff. He’s called me special on some occasions and supported me in EVERYthing I’m doing. So last week I decided to tell him how I feel and he said he considers me as family now more like one of his sisters. I was in shock because it just didn’t make sense to me, however I didn’t ask any questions, I just said I needed space. I do not intend on ever contacting him again just because I feel like he has led me on and it hurts a lot. What do you guys think?
Was I led on by him or Am I being unfair?
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