Does he still have feelings for me?

I met this man a few months ago online and we fell into things pretty quickly. It was so sexy, so hot... but he told me that he wasn’t where I was emotions wise. We decided to “just be homies”, just good friends... but every single day since we decided that, he has been constantly texting/calling, sending sweet messages, sending funny memes and things that he says reminds him of “us”. Like this has been every single day. He called me the other day to tell me he’s moving up to where I live because he wants to be closer to his friends. we’ve gotten to know each other really well these last few months and our friendship has gotten stronger, but I can’t help but notice how needy he gets if I’m not responsive or if I’m short with him. But then, he calls me bro, or homie, a lot. I’m getting confused and mixed messages. Does he have feelings for me?
Does he still have feelings for me?
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